Bespoke Painting Solutions

The new magical garden at Hampton Court Palace. March 13 2016.
The new magical garden at Hampton Court Palace. March 13 2016.

We realise that getting the best finish for each and every project requires a full commitment to a collaborative approach. Working with all the relevant stakeholders is essential to achieve the best possible results in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Our vast experience in the provision of highly complex and carefully engineered decorative finishes is second to none. We can provide valuable insight into the important considerations required at the beginning of a project, ensuring the entire contract runs as smoothly as possible.

Our preferred method of working is to be involved in a project from inception to completion, avoiding decisions made for a short-term gain that may lead to expensive rectification works further down the line.

Our experienced technical staff and estimators will discuss the different choices available for each and every project, expertly guiding you though your options to reach the best possible conclusion.

Unlike many contractors in our field, we understand that a system’s design is the key to its success. We realise that unless a project is sufficiently considered from all angles there is no way to reach the best conclusion in the most efficient way. A poorly designed project may meet the initial requirements of the end user but long-term quality and effectiveness is our objective. We have a team of designers working in-house creating and amending complex schemes for a variety of clients in order to adapt their installations to increase their value and maximise quality.

Our designers are all highly trained individuals and this has been recognised through the receipt of a number of prestigious awards at our annual industry ceremonies.

Whether it is a question regarding the colour and textures of a finish or a complex concept scheme to be created from the ground up, our designers are on hand to advise you regarding your specific requirements.

Let us know the details of what you require or are trying to achieve and we’ll do the rest.

Speak to a member of our Paintings and Coatings Division today.