How do Fire Doors Fail a Fire Test?

Continuous Flaming Integrity – If sustained flaming has occurred on the non-fire side for more than 10 seconds.

Cotton Pad – A cotton pad is pushed against the face of the fire door on the non-fire side. If the pad combusts on a section of the door that glowing or flaming, this will confirm the spread of fire through the door and thus, failing the test.

Gap Gauges – The gauges are measure from 6mm or 25mm integrity and are used to determine the rate of deterioration of the fire door.

Insulation Value – This element is measured by attached thermocouples directly to the non-fire side at various positions. Failure is determined when one thermocouple reaches 180 degrees Celsius plus the ambient temperature of the room or collectively, they reach 140 degrees Celsius plus the ambient room temperature.