Homes for Haringey

  • Client:
    Homes for Haringey
  • Location:
    London N15
  • Completion Date:
    September 2018

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Scope of Works:

To install a decorative, anti-slip floor coating to communal entrance & stairwell within social housing blocks.

As part of on-going works on behalf of the local authority refurbishing social housing across London, we carried out some floor coating works to 2nr housing blocks. Surface preparation involved grinding the existing concrete & carrying out any repairs required followed by the fast curing installation of Contar Dekor Broadcast system with decorative coloured flakes chosen by the tenants. The handrails were treated & painted and all coving detail and stair risers were coated in a colour to match the decorative flakes within the system. We also fixed Gradus stair edging with an anti-slip nosing in accordance with BS & DDA requirements. These works were carried out during the day so a strict program was adhered to and communicated to the client’s RLO (Residents Liaison Officer) to enable access for residents to be maintained throughout the duration of the contract thus ensuring any inconvenience was kept to a minimum. This was yet another social housing project, successfully completed on time and to everyone’s satisfaction.

We received many positive comments from the residents within the blocks for example, an elderly lady thanked us for making her communal stairwell and entrance look so colourful and welcoming and that she was now proud to invite guests to her home”