Rubber Crumb/Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

Total Protection regularly installs Rubber Safety Surfaces that are specifically designed for children’s play areas. Rubber Safety Surfaces provide a safe, fun and durable surface ideal for playgrounds, schools, nurseries and other sport or recreational areas.

Also known as ‘Rubber Crumb’ or ‘Wet Pour’, this decorative safety flooring system is applied at depths corresponding to its surrounding play equipment. Rubber Safety Surfaces can also be used on pathways and even driveways.

Available in a vast amount of colours and able to be laid to create limitless designs and shapes, this product can provide an extremely bright and aesthetically pleasing surface.

An example of the creativity this product offers is indicated in one of our attached projects where we were requested to recreate the shapes, colours and numbering associated with Greyhound Racing. Using precise shapes and three varying colours, the finished project was a great success.

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