Resin Bound Tree Pits

Resin Bound Tree Pits are designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system, using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates. The installation of trees within any site can dramatically enhance the overall appearance, so ensuring they are installed correctly with durable tree pits that are in keeping with the surroundings is vital.

As Tree Pit installations are installed flush with the surrounding paving areas they have the added advantage of not becoming a litter trap, which can occur with traditional tree grilles.

Foot Traffic

  • 25mm depth – No foot traffic.
  • 50mm depth – Light foot traffic.
  • 75mm depth – Heavy foot traffic.

Kerb edging and collar detail

A suitable edging detail and collar is installed around the base of the tree and at the edges of the tree pit as required.


The tree should be planted and anchored in urban tree soil or similar.

The addition of a Greenleaf Root Rain Precinct Irrigator/Aerator and Greenleaf Root Director is also advisable.

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For technical reasons connected with colour reproduction, the colours shown on this page may not exactly match the aggregates supplied and do not represent any particular finish or texture.

For an accurate colour sample, please contact us.


Porous resin bound tree pit laid as a path video

  • Danish Quartz
  • dorset gold
    Dorset Gold
  • natred granite
    Nat. Red Granite
  • brittany bronze
    Brittany Bronze
  • rhine gold
    Rhine Gold
  • trent pea
    Trent Pea
  • cornflint
    Corn Flint
  • silver grey granite
    Silver Grey Granite