Modern materials allow us to develop and offer unique solutions

Our Special Projects team are often called upon to solve highly specific problems where our unparalleled experience with modern materials allows us to develop and offer unique solutions. Our experience in the industry and knowledge of specialist materials is unrivaled, along with the ability to think laterally with specialist applications.By working with suppliers and manufacturers we deal with each project identifying its individual issues and opportunities, enabling us to tailor the most suitable solution to every situation. Sometimes we even develop new products along the way!

MMA resin is specially designed for fast curing even at minus 25 degrees. Areas, where MMA are often utilised, are cold storage distributors, London Underground and Social Housing. MMA also provides waterproofing to properties. Working in sectors as diverse as Social Housing, Transport, Industrial and Medical, the team often design, develop and deliver bespoke solutions with long-term sustainability through a single turnkey process, which make us the first port of call for many clients across the UK time and time again.